Another thing about L’Arche (for anyone who hasn’t read my last post, please feel free to) is that is a organization that spreads all across the world, in multiple countries, and yet it always has the same core idea: to welcome people.

If you go to different L’Arche communities, no matter where it is you will receive the same welcoming nature. When you are new and you arrive at the door you are welcomed with a welcome sign, with your name and many different signatures from whoever lives in the house or the community. And as you spend time there you are given different creations and different gifts to make you feel welcomed and appreciated.

Different examples I have been given are various paintings and art works that people have done for me. That is what L’Arche is about. It is a place that takes the little things and celebrates them.

There are other blogs on WordPress about L’Arche that you could reference and get a sense of L’Arche Life, including a newsletter from L’arche Kent that are written from various members of the community. And more closely, here is a blog post, written by James R. Dennis, that tells a story about an interaction he had when visiting L’Arche Toronto with a man named Tom and his superhero drawings he drew for him. And lastly, a post, by a woman named Debra, about living and cooking in L’Arche (over in the UK), which is another essential part of life…coming together and creating.

Painting created by Janet Munro Photo taken by myself
Painting created by Lola Cheng Photo taken by myself
Painting created by Stephen Richardson Photo taken by myself

People like Janet, who I mentioned in my last post, along with these other two people from other houses of L’Arche, have not always felt welcome in their lives. Jean Vanier, the co-founder of L’Arche back in 1964, welcomed three people who had disabilities into his home and started a movement, and an organization to ensure that people of all different walks of life could come and live and be together. This is Art… watching people from all over the world, from different backgrounds, and different life experiences and different cultures, all come to a L’Arche house and feel welcomed by all.




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